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P&O Ferries Update - North Sea Services: Zeebrugge TOS - Phase Two

Following our integration of the Phase One of our Terminal Operating System last year, we wish to inform you of the preparation to commence Phase Two as from February 19th.

Phase Two will see a separation of external drivers from our Terminal Plant machinery moving on the Terminal, emphasising the importance of Safety for all personnel on our Terminal both internal, and externally your drivers.

Dependent on your delivery and/or collection, communication will be delivered at the Gate to go to one of the respective designation areas:

  • Grid 1 ( Drop off Tilbury / Teesport)
  • Grid 2 ( Pick up empty containers)
  • Grid 3- 12 (Pick up import full + storage full/ Drop off lolo + rail)
  • CA / CB (Trailers Teesport / Tilbury / Rail)

Each and every unit will now have a designated slot on our Terminal removing the need for drivers to search for the unit, again creating a safer working environment.

All road trailers will have to delivered to the exact location as communicated to at the Gate.

Plans will be available to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible, and we will work to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum.

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09 February 2024

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