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Scandlines Planning Freight Initiatives for 2017 & Beyond

"Higher Frequency - More Capacity - Environmental Compatibility"

Scandlines are currently investing heavily in their busy routes including Gedser to Rostock and Rodby to Puttgarden.

Gedser to Rostock

Investment will continue in the new MV Berlin and the MV Copenhagen will be deployed by the end of 2016.

There will be 20 departures every day with 2 1/2 times more capacity compared to the old ferries.

Other improvements include

  • Shipment of various IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) classes on two decks.
  • CO2 reducing hybrid technology and closed loop scrubbers for green shipping.
  • The MV Kronpins Frederik will be used as a replacement ferry when necessary ensuring a complete sailing schedule and full capacity every day.
  • Improved parking facilities for 60 HGVs including driver facilities at the Scandlines terminal at Gedser.

Rodby to Puttgarden

Improvements at both Rodby and Puttgarden ports will be priority in 2017 to allow the operation of an additional ferry.

As per Gedser to Rostock, CO2 reducing hybrid technology and closed loop scrubbers will ensure vessels are environmentally friendly.

Other improvements include

  • Additional freight capacity on route by utilising the MV Kronprins Frederik exclusively for freight movement.
  • An extra 32 weekly departures providing additional freight capacity during peak times.
  • More shipment of IMDG goods.

Green Strategy

In 2017 and beyond, Scandlines will be continuing their environmental development with scrubber residue cleaning plants in both Gedser and Puttgarden.

They will also be launching the first zero emission ferry on the Rodby to Puttgarden route, electrically driven by batteries with port charging.

14 December 2016

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