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A Ships Management Update - Golden Bridge // Brindisi- Igoumenitsa and v.v // Sailings Program

Please find updated schedule of departures for the rest of April 2021.

We remind you that today we have departure from Igoumenitsa 23.30hrs;

  • On 09/04/2021 from Brindisi 20.00hrs;
  • On 10/04/2021 from Igoumenitsa 11.00hrs;
  • On 10/04/2021 from Brindisi 21.00hrs;

This Sunday 11/04/2021 there is no departure from Igoumenitsa and on Monday 12/04/2021 no departure from Brindisi due to scheduled inspections.

The program resumes as of 12/04/2021 – 23.30hrs from Igoumenitsa with our new itineraries which has been updated as follows :

Departures from Igoumenitsa : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday all @ 23.30hrs

Departures from Brindisi : Monday, Tuesday & Friday @ 12.00hrs and Wednesday & Saturday @ 20.00hrs

Our Company remains committed to its clients and will continue offering “A” Class Services to all DRIVERS even DURING SUMMER MONTHS i.e. Spacious and Fully Refurbished Cabins (with Private Facilities) for ALL Drivers and CO-DRIVERS.

Our itineraries guarantee punctual arrivals (always first ship in port) thus allowing shipments to be delivered ontime.

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08 April 2021

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