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Should I travel on a freight or a passenger ferry?

There are two different types of ferry available – a passenger, or “Ro-Pax” ferry, or a freight only Ro-Ro ferry. Whether or not you decide to travel on a passenger or a freight ferry it can come down to the size of vehicle you are travelling with.

Vans & Smaller Vehicles

yellow van on road moving freight for ferryFor commercial vans and smaller vehicles travelling with more than one driver buying a freight ticket for a passenger (or “Ro-Pax”) ferry is normally the cheapest and best option. A freight ticket is also compulsory for commercial van drivers.

Cairnryan to Larne with P&O Ferries has a fantastic offering for van drivers. The on-board services are generally of a higher standard including shops, bars and restaurants. Many passenger ferries though will also include dedicated freight lounges for drivers where they can relax away from the other passengers. Ferry operators will also still provide drivers with on-board cabins and meals; simply speak to our customer service team or see “What’s Included?” when booking.

Articulated Lorries

Freightlink articulated lorryFor articulated lorries, ferries specifically designed for freight often offer the best value for money.

Because freight Ro-Ro ferries are centred around the movement of purely freight they offer a “no-frills” service. Freight ferry routes often differ from those used by holidaymakers and will often depart from and arrive at ports closer to industrial hubs meaning less driving time and miles. Your best option may even be a route you’ve never heard of before!

Freight ferries will normally only take 12 drivers on board giving them all a good night’s sleep, a good meal and the opportunity to converse with like-minded colleagues. No cars and no passengers can make for a much more relaxing crossing!

Unaccompanied Trailers

unaccompanied trailerFreight Ro-Ro ferries are also perfect for unaccompanied trailer shipments. The service is based around shipping your load safely, securely and to optimise efficiencies. Trailers can be dropped off and collected from ports when it fits in with your traffic planning, meaning you can use your drivers more effectively.

Everyone’s requirements are different. Freightlink can find you a route that will get you there in the way that is best for you. Contact our customer service team for more advice.

21 November 2016

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