What happens if I fail to notify you, and do not show for my booking?

This is known as a NO SHOW. All no shows are treated very seriously by Freightlink and the ferry companies. After all, a booking may have been rejected to create space for your booking! Customers who persistently no show may be refused space in future. Please note that some ferry operators may implement a no show charge and we have no option but to pass this onto you at cost. Please ensure that you check the date and time of travel on your ferry ticket carefully and let us know if this is incorrect.

It is normally possible to change and cancel bookings free of charge up to the time of departure so if you are able to notify us, please do so.

If you have not shown up for a ticket and still wish to travel, this ticket will need to be rebooked with our Customer Service Team on +44(0)844 847 9000. If you turn up with a previously no showed booking you may be refused shipment.

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