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S&S GB ENS - What to Expect in October 2024

S&S GB (Safety & Security Great Britain) or SSGB is the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) service for goods imported into Great Britain from the EU and RoW. This will be a requirement from October 2024.

What is a Safety & Security Declaration?

A Safety and Security Declaration (also known as a SSD) is used by GB border authorities to analyse the potential risk caused to their territory by goods crossing their border. It is not included in your other duty and tax obligations.

What You Will Need to Submit for S&S GB

Similar to existing GB to EU ENS requirements, for S&S GB declarations you will need to submit the following to ensure you can board ferries and LeShuttle (Eurotunnel) Freight trains -

  • Valid EORI number
  • Importer & Exporter company details
  • Reference number
  • Haulier (for driver accompanied vehicles)
  • Ferry Operator (for unaccompanied trailers)
  • Total number of packages and weight
  • Border entry point (name of port)
  • ETA time and date
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Trailer seal (if applicable)
  • Description of goods
  • Type of packages
  • Any marks and reference numbers

It is highly likely that GB border control will be strictly enforcing these requirements. Anybody not providing the correct declaration will not be able to travel and/or face penalties.

More information is available in the UK Government - The Border Target Operating Model: August 2023

12 February 2024

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