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Stena Line Update - Important changes from 1st October 2021 for North Sea sailings

We would like to inform you of the IMPORTANT changes that apply as from the 1st of October 2021 for North Sea sailings.


  • As from 01-10-2021 all consignments exported from Great Britain to EU member states, that are not covered by a combined export and safety and security declaration, require an EXS. The EXS should be lodged in Chief.
  • A standalone EXS declaration is required for empty vehicles, empty pallets and containers (including any empty reusable packaging such as stillages, roll cages etc.) being moved under a transport contract to the EU, as well as goods travelling under transit documents (TADs, TSADs or TIR carnets)
  • On our sailings from Harwich and Killingholme to the Netherlands, the EXS for Empty units/vehicles and units/vehicles with only return empty packaging will be provided by Stena Line* based on the submitted ENS information you enter to our booking system.
  • Please note that units carrying a mix of cargo and empty packaging need to be declared by yourself. Please see previous guidance as to which type of EXS (‘Arrived’ or ‘IEXS’) to declare at Harwich and Killingholme, from 1st October and then from 1st November.
  • Please ensure that you have completed the full ENS information as soon as possible but latest two hours before departure in order to ensure that the unit will have the permission to progress.

*Please note that initially we will not charge for this service, but we reserve the right to review this during the coming months.


Please ensure that you will make use of the advance declaration + MID in order to ensure that the unit can be released from the Terminal in the Netherlands. Please contact your Customs agents to speed up the process.


You will not be able to use an EEA or Swiss national identity card to enter the UK unless you:

  • have settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • have an Irish- or Gibraltar ID Card
  • have applied for settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and have not been given a decision yet
  • have an EU Settlement Scheme family permit
  • have a Frontier Worker permit
  • are an S2 Healthcare Visitor
  • are a Swiss Service Provider

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