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Stena Line Update - Killingholme and Harwich Passenger Locator Form

In addition to our earlier message, where we communicates that the Passenger Locator Form is mandatory as from the 22nd of January 2021, we would like to express once again the importance addressed by the UK Border Force that a 100% check will be conducted of all completed passenger locator forms.

To minimize potential delays for arriving freight drivers at Killingholme and Harwich we need your cooperation and we kindly ask you to complete the PLF (Passenger Locator Form). Please make sure that your driver is in possession of a completed passenger locator form, either as a hard copy or on his mobile phone before reporting at the check-in. Upon arrival in the UK this form will be scanned by UKBF.

Be aware that fines (up to £ 500,=) are applicable for not showing the proper documents for the driver when entering into the UK. As a carrier we will receive a fine for £ 2000,= for delivering a passenger into the UK who does not have a proof of a completer Locator Form. As it’s a responsibility of the passenger to have a completed PLF we are not prepared as a carrier to take such a penalty and will pass on the £2000 to your company.

Should by any reason the driver is not able to have a completed Passenger Locator Form, Stena Line provides as of Tuesday the 6th of April a service to do so at our Check-in booth. A surcharge of € 35 will be applicable for this service. We can only provide this service till 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

If the driver was arriving 45 minutes after the scheduled departure time at our check-in booth we couldn't assist the driver and we will provide the service aboard our vessel at the reception desk before the cabin key will be hand over to the driver.

We appreciate your extra effort in facilitating these UK Government instructions.

Stena Line

12 April 2021

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