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Stena Line Update - More Physical Examination by Customs at our North Sea Terminals

As from 1st June there will be more physical examination by Customs at our terminals, of cargo arriving ex UK.

This examination will take place in designated and approved Customs warehouses.

There are three major points of attention to be prepared for:

  • All trailers should be having the possibility to drive under Customs seal from our terminal to the designated area.
  • The Trailer (tilt/curtain side) must have a sealing wire/TIR cords in good condition and Box/Fridge trailers should have the possibility to seal the trailer at the doors.
  • On the way from the terminal to the designated area, the seal must never be removed or broken.

Please be informed that in case the Customs refuses to seal the trailer because the trailer does not comply to the points mentioned above, the trailers must be repaired by your repair company on our quay side.

Trust to have informed your sufficiently.

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06 May 2021

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