Prevent Clandestine Entrants to your Vehicle

Van and truck at a port

Clandestine entrant numbers are on the increase. Road transport companies and their drivers must secure vehicles coming into the UK to stop this from happening.

As a transport company, if you do not secure your vehicle and are found carrying clandestine entrants into the UK you will be issued a civil penalty (or fine).

Fines can be up to £10,000 for every person you carry illegally, and this penalty will apply to everyone responsible for the vehicle - not just the driver.

The owner or vehicle hiree can also be fined. Do not think that just because it's not your own vehicle you won't face a fine.

Minimise the Fine, Be Secure - 15 Ways to Prevent Access to your Vehicle

  • Have effective security devices that secure the vehicle, your load and trailer
  • Ensure the canopy/curtain of your truck is not torn
  • Check that sealing cords are undamaged and pass through all fastening points
  • Provide a vehicle security checklist to the driver so that there are no doubts as to what they are required to do

  • Regularly check that drivers are following the instructions
Clandestine entrants - security checklist
  • Check padlocks, seals and tilt cords are secure after loading

  • Vehicle (both truck and van) checks should be performed by the driver after each stop, rest period and before entering the UK
  • Check the inside of the vehicle & trailer (where applicable)
  • Inspect lorry tilts and roofs for damage
  • Check external storage compartments for anything suspicious
  • Check below the vehicle
  • Check the driver’s cab
clandestine entrants padlocks
  • Always be vigilant to problems posed by migrants when travelling by ferry and Eurotunnel
  • Take advantage of any pre-embarkation checks available and obtain written confirmation where possible

  • There is no liability if it can be shown that a driver did not know and had no reasonable grounds for suspecting that a clandestine entrant was, or might be, concealed on board his vehicle IF they are operating an effective security system
clandestine entrants effective system

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