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Sea-Cargo Ferry Routes

2 crossings per week
88 hour crossing
2 crossings per week
68 hour crossing
2 crossings per week
60 hour crossing
1 crossing per week
36 hour crossing
2 crossings per week
50 hour crossing
2 crossings per week
55 hour crossing

Sea-Cargo was founded on 1st August 2001 through the merging of the liner activities of Seatrans and Nor Cargo, the two leading shipping lines trading between West Coast of Norway to UK and mainland Europe.

One of Sea-Cargo's vessels uses rotor sails and a battery pack to utilise renewable energy. The wind forces are used directly for propulsion, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 25%.

Map of Routes


Key Facts

  • Berth in cabin included
  • Fuel surcharges apply
  • Hazardous cargo accepted
  • Livestock accepted
  • Meals included
  • No show / late cancellation charges
  • Unaccompanied freight accepted
  • Check in time prior to departure: 1 hour

Please note, may not apply to all sailings. See details when booking.

Alternative Operators