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8 handy bits of information to stay hydrated while driving

It’s getting hot out there . . .

In the interest of promoting health, and safer driving. Here are eight interesting facts from Freightlink to avoid dehydration and exhaustion in your vehicle over these next few days.

  1. Water is an everyday necessity as you all know, and as a general health rule we are frequently advised by health officials to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or roughly 2 litres.
  2. Driver errors in the UK currently account for around 68% of all incidents and crashes in the UK, and that mild dehydration can lead to negative changes in mood and contribute to vast reductions in concentration, alertness and short-term memory, as well as headache and fatigue
  3. Make sure you drink plenty before you drive, and don’t put off drinking before a long break in the hope of avoiding toilet breaks. We know getting to the next job is important but putting off a rest break could be costly.
  4. Focus on drinking small amounts frequently throughout the work day. Do not attempt to down large amounts of fluid in one go. Your body can only absorb small amounts of water at a time and excess water is held in the stomach making you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
  5. Avoid alcohol the night before you drive, including beer and wine. They increase dehydration and make it hard to make good decisions.
  6. Wear lighter layers whilst you’re driving, you don’t want to be sweating for no reason!
  7. A basic one, but make sure your Air Conditioning is working.
  8. Even a coffee can give you the fluids you need, as well as the added boost of a caffeine shot to help increase your focus.

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16 August 2016

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