DFDS Security Update

DFDS Security Update - Eastern Channel

DFDS have worked to improve their security by installing double security fencing to the whole perimeter of the Dunkerque and Calais terminals which complies with the ISPS regulations.

Along with the additional number of security personnel and improved camera systems, DFDS are continuing to support the prevention of clandestine activity as much as we possibly can.

Security Advice

  • Offer all your driver’s training in the awareness of checking vehicles for clandestine entry
  • Check the tilt cords, straps, and seals and tilt sheets also remembering the top of the vehicle for rips and tares. A ladder should be provided to assist in this inspection
  • Check toolbox and luggage holds etc
  • Make these checks at place of loading
  • Checks should be made after any stops/overnight parking or if the vehicle has been left unattended
  • Checks should be documented by the driver
  • These records should be made available on request from the HMI
  • Records should be kept for a period of 28 days

For more advice, visit the UK Government Guidance website.

13 April 2017

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