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DFDS Update - Government Passenger Locator Form Q&As

To assist you with the implementation of the UK governments requirement for all freight drivers to complete a "passenger locator form" when entering the UK, please see some Q&A'S to assist with this process.

Government passenger locator form Q&A's

Do freight drivers and their passengers have to complete a new form each time they travel into the UK?

Yes. To avoid delays at the port it is advisable that this is done before they travel.

Please be advised that UK Border Force are undertaking checks, if the Passenger Locator Form is not completed it will cause longer delays and could result in a fine.

Do drivers and their passengers need to carry a hard copy of the form with them on their journey?

Although advisable, as long as the driver has a record of the reference number provided which can be provided on request, it is acceptable for the driver not to have the hard copy.

Can someone else complete the form on the driver’s behalf?

Yes. If the person acting on the driver’s behalf provides the correct details to complete the form. i.e. passport number and relevant contact details.

The reference number issued after completion can then be passed on to the driver who will also receive an e mail confirmation.

What are the consequences if the driver does not complete the form?

Any drivers who have not filled out the form may face financial penalties and may either be delayed or turned back by UK Border Force when they try to enter the UK.

What can a driver do if they do not have access to the internet?

It is a requirement that the "Passenger Locator Form" is completed online before the driver arrives at the port for shipment , therefor if the driver does not have access to the internet they must ask someone to complete the online process for them.


  • Drivers and their passengers must complete the form every time they travel to the UK.
  • Drivers and their passengers must have evidence that the form has been completed (copy of the form or electronically issued reference number)
  • Drivers are advised to complete the form before arriving at the port for shipment.
  • 14 days quarantine is NOT a requirement for freight drivers.
  • Wherever possible please have your DFDS booking reference available when completing the form.
  • Any non-driving passenger in the cab will not be exempt from the requirements to quarantine and are at risks of being refused entry to the UK, so please ensure that only persons directly involved in the job to transport freight travel in your vehicle.

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