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DFDS Update : Guidance for Tilbury ⇄ Calais dedicated unaccompanied service

As previously announced, we were pleased to confirm that the Tilbury ⇄ Calais service will commence on 28th June 2023, with the first departure being Calais – Tilbury 22:30hrs.

The new Tilbury ⇄ Calais service will initially start with one daily crossing in each direction, 6 days a week, operated by the Botnia Seaways with a capacity of 115 trailers per sailing.

Customs Processes

In preparation for the launch of the new Tilbury ⇄ Calais, service please see below guidelines to support you with your customs processes.

Port of The Tilbury uses Destin8 Tilbury port code 000093.

Tilbury > Calais customs documentation required: Export UCR from UK & Import MRN into Europe

Calais > Tilbury customs documentation required: Export MRN from Europe & Import GMR


Tilbury ⇄ Calais benefits

  • 24/7 Port Access - Tilbury offers a more accessible and congestion free port.
  • Favourable Location - North of Dartford crossing, Tilbury has excellent links to London, the M25 and North.
  • Unaccompanied Service - Initially this will be an unaccompanied service only, while we work with relevant authorities to support DFDS processing accompanied shipments.
  • Services - Tri stacking facilities, container lifting (24 hour service) and Plug-in Service (for a small charge).


26 June 2023

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