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DFDS Update - Lashing Points on Rosslare ⇄ Dunkerque Route

We would like to remind customers about the importance of securing cargo, especially during this time of the year with heavy weather conditions over the autumn/winter period on the Celtic Sea/English channel.

Road vehicles / trailers that are intended to be shipped on ro-ro vessels should be equipped with sufficient number of lashing points designed for securing of the road vehicles / trailers to the ship.

We would also like to remind customers that it is essential for the goods to be properly stowed and secured inside the road vehicles / trailers according to guidelines and standards which can be found in the Green Card accompanying our Conditions of Carriage to safeguard the goods and the road vehicles against natural and man-made circumstances that may arise during the carriage.

Please note that failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements may result in refusal to accept such road vehicles / trailers for shipment as well as no acceptance of liability by the Carrier for the loss or damage to the cargo arising or resulting from such from such failure.

  • All units, except trailers and small vans must have removable or fixed towing hook at the front of cabin.
  • Lashing points must be in good condition, this means that if it is bolted connection that all bolts must be in place and if it is a welded connection, the weld must be crack free. Lashing plates or rings must be marked by highly visible colours.
  • All lashing points must be free of home-made suspended tool boxes and spare wheels since the limit of securing angles are as follows: Vertical securing angle from 45° to 80° angles (angle between lashing point of cargo unit and deck) and also horizontal securing angle from 15° to 45° ( angle between side of cargo unit and cargo deck)
  • No additional electrical installations close to lashing points
  • Please note that some sailings will require maximum lashing points due to adverse weather.

Minimum lashing requirements for unit types are as follows -

Road trains

19 metres - 6-8 points


17 metres - 6-8 points

(8 point - 2 chains for inserted towing hook + 6 chains to trailer. 6 points- 6 chains only to trailer.)


14 metres - 6- 8 points

Plus 2 additional lashing points at back doors in heavy weather.

Rigid truck

10 metres - 6 points

(6 points: 2 chains for inserted towing hook, 4 chains middle and back: No wheel lashing.)


5-8 metres - 4 points (2 chains for inserted towing hook + 2 chains to the rear wheels, or all 4 chains to the wheels.

Cab unit only

6 metres - 4 points

(2 chains for inserted towing hook, 2 chains can be secured to the rear wheels.)

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