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A Drivers Guide to a Freightlink Halloween

Customs doesn’t have to be the scariest thing you encounter this year...!

freightlink halloweenHalloween may be marketed to kids, but we all know that it’s adults who get the most joy out of Halloween. The one day of the year where being miserable is encouraged, wearing whatever you want is completely acceptable and (if you’re dressed as a killer clown) people will drop the small talk. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the creepiest time of the year.

Celebrate in style with our drivers guide to Halloween.

Halloween Music

Maybe you’re not a die-hard Halloween fan but a good horror podcast or playlist will let you join in with the Halloween celebrations without actually needing to do anything.

Simply pop Spotify on and enjoy their suggestions for the creepiest songs of the season or join Henrique Couto in Spooky Halloween Stories. Bound to make your day feel that bit more interesting!

Halloween Decorations

If you’re a real fan of the season then there is one thing that is a complete necessity when celebrating Halloween, the decorations. You spend all year in a boring cab. Make Halloween special!

Spruce up your cab or van with a skeleton on a vacant passenger seat, hang a decorative spider from your mirror, pop a miniature pumpkin on the dashboard- make it your own!

If you’ll be spending the majority of your day in your cab, you might as well turn it into part of the celebrations. After all, it isn’t like you’re going to get any trick-or-treaters rocking up to your passenger door demanding sweets. On the road you can decorate in peace, without the expectation to help feed the neighbourhood kids!

Halloween Costumes

If Halloween is your favourite holiday then you probably won’t be opposed to dressing up. With Health and Safety in mind, the safest way to maintain a Spooky Costume on the road is probably by using grease paints, or face paint.

Halloween haters can even benefit from this. Throw on a bit of face-paint and hocus pocus, you’re Frankenstein’s Monster. Even if you’re not into dressing up, you have to admit, avoiding awkward small-talk by pretending to be “in character” is a dream.

To stop your face makeup melting off and staining your seats and steering wheel throughout the day, look in the makeup section for “translucent powder”. This can come in both a pressed form or as a loose powder. The loose powder will give you better coverage but both options will stop your makeup washing away. Buy a cheap fluffy brush and as soon as you’ve put the face paint down, go in to set it with your translucent powder.

Alternatively, a better option to maintain the pigmentation (vividness) of the grease paint is to use a coloured powder, such as eyeshadow to set your face. For the best results, the colour you choose would need to be a close match to the grease/face paint that you’ve already laid down.

Another option for maintaining your spook is by using setting spray. This can be also be found in the makeup section and will also help keep your paint from rubbing off and staining throughout the day. If you don’t have a setting spray you can use hairspray. Be mindful to cover your eyes, nose and close your mouth though and always hold the can at least 20cm away from your face.

Hopefully this short guide to Halloween has helped you to start prepping something festive for the spooky season. Let us know what you do by sharing it with us on social media !

26 October 2021

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