Ferries to Ireland and Easy Phone Bookings - Customer Experiences

Freightlink is here to make the freight ferry booking service simple. We love hearing our customers feedback and listening to what they think about the service that we provide.

Michael’s Ferry to Ireland

Michael needed to book a freight ferry journey to Ireland. He booked his first journey with a different operator, found the entire process to be extremely difficult and said that it turned into a complete disaster. After a poor experience with his last booking, Michael decided to book with Freightlink instead. The simple booking experience came as a pleasant surprise and one of our team members was able to make the process easy for him. He was pleased with the high level of customer service and the teams dedication to ensuring that the freight ferry booking experience went smoothly.

“She made everything so simple for me and I couldn’t have completed the work without her, absolutely top class service and would highly recommend”

Frank’s First Booking

Frank was making a freight ferry booking for the first time and was unsure about the processes. He was thrilled with the customer service and said that he had an amazing experience with Freightlink. He was really pleased with the attention to detail and how Freightlink took his entire journey into account.

“It has been an amazing experience to book the first trip. The handling was good and the company took care of the customer.”

Tom’s Easy Phone Booking

Tom had never made a booking with Freightlink before and was a first-time user of the service. He wanted to book a freight ferry and was happy with the simplicity of using Freightlink. He was also pleased with the level of customer service that he received and found our team to be extremely helpful throughout the entire booking process. He noted that it was the easiest freight ferry booking service that he had ever used.

“The easiest way I've found to book a ferry crossing and the people on the phone were very helpful”

We know that making a freight ferry booking isn’t always simple. For us, this isn’t good enough. We want the booking process to be easy and know that there is a way for our customers to make their bookings without having any stress. Share your Freightlink booking experience with us.

09 June 2021

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