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Finnlines Update - Cargo Securing In Cargo Transport Units

To enhance safety and to prevent any cargo damage, we would like to remind our customers of the importance of securing the cargo inside units and providing the units with securing and supporting points for sea transport.

The responsibility for securing and supporting the cargo inside the unit lies mainly with the shipper. In this context, we refer to our Conditions of Carriage.

Finnlines monitors cargo securing and supporting inside units on an ad-hoc basis in ports. If any defects are found, we will have to stop the unit until securing is done properly. In such a case, our inspections will increase and also focus on customer’s other units until safe carriage of cargo can continue. Finnlines reserves the right to invoice for any direct costs arising from deficient cargo securing or supporting. Kindly note that authorities also make inspections during the road transport and in the ports.

In accordance with the Maritime Act, the vessel's master may refuse to accept road vehicles which do not comply with the above requirements.

Information on cargo securing is available in publications, such as

  • CTU Code
  • European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport
  • MSC.1/Circ. 1498 (especially pages 65 - 119)


11 October 2023

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