What can I ship as freight on the Immingham, Brevik & Gothenburg routes?

Freight movement allowances as stated by the UK Border Force.

Passenger & non-commercial vehicles are not allowed on these freight services.

Unit Type Allowed as Freight? Notes
Passenger & non-commercial vehicles
Small vehicles with technicians / repairmen & tools
Research teams
Antique dealers going to buy from auctions
Exhibition goods Details of exhibition to be provided
Single car /SUV with driver Regardless of whether car is being sold or transported after being sold
Motor racing team with race vehicle & equipment Race team to provide full details of race meetings
Motor racing team without race vehicle & equipment
Boat racing team with boat & equipment Race team to provide full details of race meetings
Boat racing team without boat & equipment
Demonstration equipment Details of demonstration to be provided
Removals company
Charity If registered charity
Equestrian meetings Details of intra EU movement & meetings to be provided
Art dealer - Refer to UK Border Force for allowances

The above lists covers most types of movement outside of the standard driver-accompanied cargo but if there is anything else, please contact our customer service team.

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