What can I ship as freight on the Immingham, Brevik & Gothenburg routes?

Freight movement allowances as stated by the UK Border Force.

Passenger & non-commercial vehicles are not allowed on these freight services.

Unit Type Allowed as Freight? Notes
Passenger & non-commercial vehicles
Empty van
Small vehicles with technicians / repairmen & tools
Research teams
Antique dealers going to buy from auctions
Exhibition goods Details of exhibition to be provided
Single car /SUV with driver Regardless of whether car is being sold or transported after being sold
Motor racing team with race vehicle & equipment Race team to provide full details of race meetings
Motor racing team without race vehicle & equipment
Boat racing team with boat & equipment Race team to provide full details of race meetings
Boat racing team without boat & equipment
Demonstration equipment Details of demonstration to be provided
Removals company
Charity If registered charity
Equestrian meetings Details of intra EU movement & meetings to be provided
Art dealer - Refer to UK Border Force for allowances


UK Border Force imposes stringent regulations on DFDS to ensure that every shipment is properly classified as freight. DFDS would only classify a shipment of an accompanied, empty van as freight if there is / was another booking for the same vehicle for a round trip, but it was loaded. In short, DFDS must have evidence that the vehicle has already delivered the load or will bring the load back in order to classify the original reservation for an empty accompanied van as freight.

The above lists covers most types of movement outside of the standard driver-accompanied cargo but if there is anything else, please contact our customer service team.

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