Frejus Tunnel Closing Temporarily

Fréjus Tunnel Closure - 26th to 29th of January 2024

To maximise efficiency and capacity, the Fréjus Tunnel will be closing this weekend for several days between 10.00pm on Friday 26th January and 06.00am on Monday 29th January.

To minimise disruptions to your transport plans, planning an alternate route for your journey is vital. At Freightlink, we have excellent rates for alternative routes to suit your business.

Alternative routes


Germany ⇄ Italy in just 11 hours

When you transport goods between Germany and Italy via the RAlpin “Rolling Highway” train, you can minimise wear and tear on your vehicle while also reducing fuel costs, which will save your business money.

Less wear & tear + less fuel costs = more money for your business and reduced CO2 emissions!

Book your RAlpin tickets here.

Mont Blanc

The highest mountain in the alps and a great Fréjus alternative

For transport between Italy and France in just 20 minutes, Mont Blanc is an excellent option for businesses. 7 day open tickets and allowance for dangerous goods means that transporting cargo from A to B is easier than ever.

(Please note, like the Frejus Tunnel, Mont Blanc accepts 16.5 - 18 metre Euro5 and Euro6 articulated lorries only.)

Book your tickets here.

Why is the Fréjus Tunnel temporarily closing?

The Fréjus Tunnel provides a vital freight link between France and Italy. To increase maximum capacity by 5.1% via expansion and to carry out essential maintenance works, the tunnel has altered its service in 2024 - including closing throughout the weekend of the 26th of January.

Currently, the Fréjus Tunnel has been subject to alternating traffic every day between 22.30 and 04.30 to allow these road maintenance works to continue.

The pre-existing measures, which have been in place since the first of January 2024, shall remain until the 4th of February 2024.

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