eurotunnel freightlink emission reductions 2016

Freightlink Contributes to Reduction in CO2 Emissions with Eurotunnel

As regular readers will already know we like to shine a spotlight on the latest developments in 'Green' ferry technology. So we're extremely pleased to be contributing to Eurotunnel's reduction in CO2 emissions in 2016.

"Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight certifies that Freight Link Solutions contributed to a saving of 1035 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2016 by promoting Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight to its customers. Thank you for sharing our continued commitment to protect the environment, we are proud to be associated with your business."

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Groupe Eurotunnel

Key environmental initiatives committed by Groupe Eurotunnel in 2016 include

  • 12% reduction in CO2emissions enhanced by the removal of polluting gases
  • 40% of electrical energy saved in the Tunnel's cooling system with the replacement of refridgeration units
  • 98% of waste recycling diverted from landfill

eurotunnel freightlink emission reductions 2016

To find out more about the benefits of Eurotunnel Freight and how you can contribute to the reduction in emissions, visit our Eurotunnel Freight page.

03 April 2017

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