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Grimaldi Continues Construction of New "Green 5th Generation" Ro-Ro Ferries

In a bid to modernise its existing fleet, Grimaldi signed a contract back in April to commence the construction of six new Ro/Ro vessels, a total investment of over $400m.

The multi million pound contract was awarded to Nanling Jinling, a leading company in the ro-ro sector.

The new ships are predicted to enter service by summer 2020, weighing a colossal 64,000 tonnes with the capacity to transport around 500 trailers. The additional capacity of the new vessels will allow double the amount of freight to be carried.

The new ferry design is part of the Grimaldi ‘Green 5th Generation’ (GG5G) concept, developed in partnership with the Technical & Energy Saving department, and Nordic engineering design house, Knud E Hansen.

The new ships will provide a 100% increase in efficiency compared to their existing vessels. They will also be the first examples of a new age of hybrid Ro/Ro vessels from Grimaldi, which will use traditional fossil fuels during operation and lithium batteries whilst in port.

Whilst at sea, the lithium batteries will be recharged by shaft generators with a series of 600m2 solar panels. This energy saving feature will join the equally innovative air lubrication system beneath the keel, which will reduce hydrodynamic resistance and friction.

Three of the new ships will be operated by the Grimaldi Lines in the Meditteranean, whilst the Group’s sister company, Finnlines, will use the remaining three in the Baltic Sea with additional ice-class features.

According to the company president, Gianluca Grimaldi

"Reducing fuel consumption and, consequently, cutting harmful emissions are categorical imperatives for our Group."

Managing Director, Diego Pacella said

"It is the first time in the world that such powerful batteries, equivalent to those equipping 90 Tesla cars, will be installed on ships. These exceptional technologies on board will make the GG5G hybrid Ro/Ro the most innovative and efficient vessels in the world".

13 September 2018

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