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How to Transport Electric Vehicles Between UK and Continental Europe

While electric vehicles (EVs) can have a huge environmental and financial benefit for businesses, transporting them via ferry can sometimes be difficult.

The weather conditions, air humidity, salt levels and closed vehicle decks are just a few of the unique circumstances that come with maritime travel.

Because of these conditions, hauliers may face challenges associated with transporting alternative-fuelled vehicles by freight ferry.

The good news is that, for those businesses, there is an ideal solution available.

Enter Eurotunnel Freight

The quickest, most affordable and practical way to ship your cargo between Continental Europe and the UK is with Eurotunnel Freight.

At peak times, Eurotunnel Freight can run up to 7 trains per hour, with a 35-minute average crossing time. In contrast, electric van drivers who prefer to use the VP or VP Flexi services can select from up to 4 trains per hour with guaranteed departure times.

Eurotunnel Freight also employs strict security measures to guarantee the highest degree of protection for drivers and their loads.

As well as convenience and security, businesses can also benefit from additional savings on driver hours and vehicle downtime when transporting via Eurotunnel Freight.

How do you book Eurotunnel Freight tickets for electric vehicles?

Before you arrive at Calais or Folkestone, you’ll need to book your Eurotunnel Freight ticket(s) and organise your customs paperwork.

There are 3 ways to book:

  1. On our website through our online Search & Book
  2. Via the Freightlink App
  3. Or by contacting our multilingual team (we speak your language!)

If you have specific requirements, you can also get one-on-one support from your account manager.

Why book your Eurotunnel Freight tickets with Freightlink?

As an Authorised Eurotunnel Freight Distributor, we understand that circumstances may still change once you have made your booking.

That’s why our Eurotunnel Freight ticket booking experts are on hand to help you make changes to your booking, without charging any additional fees.

And with the support of our Port Pass Generator and our sister company, CustomsLink, we can help you sort the paperwork side of things, too.

To save time and money when transporting your electric vehicles between the UK and France/ mainland Europe, get in touch with one of our Eurotunnel Freight booking experts today.

28 November 2022

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