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Our Helpful Team - April/May Positive Customer Experiences

Sometimes things that should be simple are incredibly difficult. Freightlink strives to do the opposite. We know that you just want to book your ticket and be off on your way. Our incredible team are on hand to make sure that always happens.

John’s Customer Service Experience

John has spent a lot of time trying to find a freight ferry booking service that offers him a high standard of customer service, enabling him to book his freight ferry tickets with ease and answering all of the questions that he has.

John decided to register for an account with Freightlink and was extremely happy to receive a rapid response from a member of our team who he described as “polite, helpful and professional.” He was thrilled when this team member answered all of his questions, called him back at the times that had been previously agreed upon and assisted in making the booking process seem effortless.

John was able to obtain competitively priced tickets and was happy to proceed with his booking with Freightlink. He noted that he will likely be a returning customer and was extremely pleased with the level of customer care that he had received.

“From what I’ve seen so far, an excellent customer-driven service”

John later booked with us again. He noted that this time he was served by a different member of our team and was again pleased with the high level of customer service that he received. The team member went above and beyond to ensure that he was given an excellent standard of customer service.

“Another day using Freightlink, another day of excellent service”

Tess’s website story

Tess uses Freightlink on a regular basis and feels that it is the best platform to use for all of their freight ferry bookings. She really enjoys using the Freightlink website and finds it easy to use. One of the key things that Tess enjoys about the Freightlink website is the account feature. When you have a Freightlink account you are able to see more information about your booking, making it a better user experience.

“I use Freightlink for all my bookings”

Tom’s Easy Booking

Tom is a new customer. He was using Freightlink to book a freight ferry ticket for the first time. This is normally a tricky experience for Tom and he was really pleased with the simplest booking experience he had ever received. Tom was grateful to speak to our helpful team on the phone.

“The easiest way I've found to book a ferry crossing”

We want to make sure that you have the best possible booking experience. Our team, website and Freightlink App work collaboratively to ensure that you are able to make your freight ferry bookings with ease! Had a great experience with Freightlink, share it with us ⭐

12 May 2021

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