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P&O Ferries Update : 1 January 2022 Changes for All our Routes - Ending Staged Customs Controls (ESCC)

From 1 January 2022, full customs controls will be introduced for goods moving between the EU and Great Britain, except for goods moving from the island of Ireland to Great Britain. The government has confirmed that current customs arrangements for goods moving from Ireland and Northern Ireland to Great Britain will be extended for as long as discussions between the UK and EU on the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) are ongoing. This temporary extension avoids any disruption while discussions with the EU over the operation of the NIP take place.

Full customs controls are still due to be introduced as planned on 1 January 2022 for goods moving between the rest of the EU and Great Britain, and for goods exported from Great Britain to Ireland. For goods moving between the EU and Northern Ireland, the current arrangements under the NIP continue to apply.


From 1st January 2022 on many of our routes you will need a GMR in order to transport freight to and from Europe. On some of our routes this applies to both imports and exports.

All products of animal origin (POAO) and Animal By-Products (ABP) consignments coming from the EU to GB (except from Ireland), must now be pre-notified on IPAFFS, and all plants and plant products categorised as ‘regulated and notifiable’ will need to be pre-notified on either IPAFFS or the PEACH system.

The following outlines the headlines changes on each of our routes from 1 January 2022. If further detail is required, please refer to our recently updated route-by-route-guides, which also provide links to websites where you can submit the necessary declarations.

In accordance with the government regulations, vehicles without valid import and export declarations will not be able to board the ship.


  1. A GMR is required for all vehicles including empties
  2. The French MRN(s) or Envelope Logistique reference number and the GMR ID will be required in order to check-in.


1. A GMR is required for all exports to the ROI. Customers travelling to Dublin will require both a GMR ID and a PBN ID. There is no change to the Irish Revenue process which has already been in place since 1 January 2021.

2. A GMR is required for all transit movements in each direction


1. No change to existing rules for NI-GB/GB-NI

2. No GMR required for non-transit GB imports from the island of Ireland until further notice. A GMR is still required for transit moves.

3. No need for IPAFFS for non-transit GB imports from the island of Ireland until further notice.


1. The Ending of Staged Customs Controls and EIDR

2. ALL Driver Accompanied shipments entering the UK on our North Sea Routes, will require ‘Pre-Lodgement’

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