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P&O Ferries Update - Temporary Trade Collection Procedure


The following release procedures are now in place for Terminal 5 whilst building works are underway. Trade vehicles will be released as follows -

1 - Trade vehicles will only be released between 1000 - 1700
2 - On arrival to Terminal 5 all customers must contact (01)8762343
3 - P&O staff member will confirm details in order to permit entry
4 - Once confirmation has been received, please proceed to 'Admin Entrance'
5 - Controlled pedestrian access will be permitted by P&O staff or security
6 - Pedestrians must follow designated walkways to trade area
7 - No access is permitted to any other area of the terminal
8 - No pedestrian access permitted during vessel turnaround operations

- Class 3 HI-VIZ (yellow or orange only) must be worn to gain entry
- Dublin Port speed limit of 20km/h is in operation and must be adhered to
- Mobile phone or device usage is prohibited whilst driving in Terminal 5."

P&O Ferries Update

02 February 2023

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