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Secure Your Freight Ferry Cargo This Autumn & Winter UPDATED

UPDATE 28/10/16 Stena Line have issued their latest Lashing Point information sheet for secure and safe stowage.

Challenging weather conditions at sea during autumn and winter can cause damage to both freight and the ferry it is being transported on. Avoid dangerous and costly problems by ensuring your freight is secure on your next trip.

Under the Department of Transport 'Safety of Loads on Vehicles' Code of Practice,

"Vehicle operators intending to use ferries should ensure that their load restraint systems are capable of withstanding forces likely to be encountered at sea."

It isn’t always apparent to operators of road freight vehicles that the forces exercised on vehicles and their contents whilst at sea are often significantly greater than any pressure or inertia affecting loads during journeys by road. The excesses that loads are subject to in storm conditions far exceed those experienced on land.

Securing Cargo Checklist

  • The load within the HGV trailer should be secured to the bed of the trailer
  • All HGV, trucks and trailers should be fitted with sufficient anchor points
  • Canopies should be closed before sailing
  • Spansets and tension rods should be checked by the driver before leaving the trailer
  • Unaccompanied trailers should use a separate trestle and the trestle point for support and not use the landing legs which cannot stand the pressure of the load and trailer under sea conditions

Trailer trestle point

  • HGVs should be lashed down with chains. Unaccompanied vehicles (30t < GVM ≤ 40t) must have 8 lashing rings to prevent movement at sea.

Trailer lashing points

Gross Vehicle Mass Min no. lashing rings on each side
3.5t ≤ GVM ≤ 20t 2
20t < GVM ≤ 30t 3
30t < GVM ≤ 40t 4

Acceptable Lashing Points

acceptable lashing points

acceptable lashing points images

Ferry operators will conduct spot checks prior to shipping to ensure that any cargo is correctly secured. Insufficiently secured cargo will be put on hold until the issue has been sorted, which may cause delays.

For more information on cargo security and vehicle requirements, use our Vehicle Type guide.

28 October 2016

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