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Stena Line Update - Coronavirus

UPDATE 09/06/2020 11.55

From Monday 15 June it will be mandatory for all passengers and freight drivers on our Irish Sea and North Sea routes to wear face masks or face coverings whilst travelling through our ports and onboard our vessels.

The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority and we ask that all freight drivers arrive at our ports prepared and with their own face mask or face covering.

UPDATE 04/06/2020 15.35

From 8 June new health measures to self-isolate for 14 days will be in place for entering the United Kingdom because of COVID-19. This new regulation discounts arrivals ex the Republic of Ireland.

Freight drivers are exempted from self-isolation, however they are required to and have the responsibility to complete the form on this link before travelling. In addition to this, the driver will need to show that the travel is part of his job, for example a letter from the employer, a consignment note or an operator’s license.

The UK Border Force will be undertaking checks and could refuse entry to the United Kingdom. If you are refused entry to the United Kingdom, costs to return will be at your own expense.

UPDATE 28/04/2020 14.27

Due to Covid-19, Irish Health Authorities have requested that anyone entering Ireland must complete the following form for collection on arrival by the Authorities.

Public Health Passenger Locator Form

On the form there is a tick-box for commercial drivers allowing them to claim an exemption from the need to self-isolate.

Copies of the form will be available at all check-in booths and also onboard all vessels.

UPDATE 22/04/2020 11.18

As part of the overall effort to keep essential transport flows moving during the COVID-19 outbreak, freight drivers should not be prevented from crossing an internal border to carry out their transport functions.

Internationally recognised certificates of professional competence should be considered sufficient to prove that a driver is active in international transport. However if necessary, for example in the absence of an internationally recognised professional certificate or in case the certificate expired, European Member States may require a letter from the worker’s employer to establish their bona fides together with the appropriate identification papers to enable them to cross the internal border in the exercise of their profession.

The EU Commission is assisting this process by providing a standard template letter; Annex 3 Template of Certificate for International Transport Workers.


UPDATE 08/04/2020 15.54

Stena Line plans to close the Trelleborg-Sassnitz route

On Saturday 14 March Stena Line suspended the operation of the ferry route between Trelleborg in Sweden and Sassnitz in Germany until further notice. Today, 8 April, the Company announced plans for the permanent closure of the route, including check-in areas and bordershop in Sassnitz.

In recent years, approximately 300,000 annual passengers travelled via Sassnitz-Trelleborg, while freight volumes and train traffic on the route have declined. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and following travel restrictions in Europe Stena Line has experienced a large decline in travel bookings and freight volumes. It is estimated that passenger figures will not recover until well into 2021. As a result of the significant reduction in revenue, the Company is forced to take tough decisions in order to cut costs and secure its vital supply lines of essential goods across Europe.

Stena Line has initiated discussions with the worker´s council (Betriebsrat) in Germany. The ferry FS Sassnitz is laid up in Port of Mukran, Sassnitz, until further notice.

Stena Line is currently operating two ferry routes between Sweden and Germany, which are primarily carrying freight, and with a reduced passenger capacity. Trelleborg- Rostock with the two vessel Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Skåne operates 40 departures per week. Gothenburg-Kiel with the two vessels Stena Scandinavica and Stena Germanica operates 12 departures per week.

UPDATE 26/03/2020 16.52

Herewith we would like to inform about upcoming changes on the Route Rostock – Trelleborg v.v. regarding our joint operation with TT Line as from 27 March.

New Rostock - Trelleborg Timetable

UPDATE 25/03/2020 11.18

Due to COVID-19, we shall introduce two new processes at the North Sea ports with immediate effect.

1- Non-handling paperwork policy - The process is applicable both in the UK and The Netherland ports

  • A copy of all DG pages/paperwork including signed container/vehicle packing certificate and shippers declaration, must be sent to the customer service desk North Sea upon booking.
  • All required DG information for every booked DG unit must be added to the freight-system at booking stage.
  • Units booked as DG with incomplete DG information and undeclared hazardous goods will not be accepted at check-in point and must be completed first. In this case, please note that there will be inevitable delays and you cannot be shipped on the intended sailing.
  • No paperwork can be sent via the ships-box anymore.

2- Re-check procedure - The procedure is only applicable only in Killingholme port

In light of the increasing COVID measures we are facing a regular demand from clients and their hauliers as well as from certain sub-contracted companies representing the terminals to change recheck procedures. Trying to keep the middle between health & safety and trying not to prejudice the liability process (as much as possible) we will propose the clients to, until further notice, work with pictures instead of recheck forms in the following way:

  • date & time stamped pictures (taken by the client/ haulier)
  • 2 pictures, one to pinpoint the place (panorama, visualizing unit number + terminal environment), and a second one of the damage. It speaks for itself that if there are multiple damages, that there should be a separate picture for each damage.

It is the haulier’s responsibility to send the pictures to whom they are accountable.

The same will avoid any direct contact between drivers and terminal staff.

Further info for anyone without a camera/smart phone facility is:If, only if, the driver claims he cannot take a picture we suggest to raise a recheck report unilaterally – keeping a fair distance – to not let the driver countersign but to simply put ‘Covid-19’ where the countersignature should be. And provide the driver with a copy. This way there will only be a handover from terminal staff to the driver and not the other way around.

This being said, we still hope that most drivers will simply take the pictures as requested. You have all received the message that was sent out to the customers yesterday, maybe you can tape it on the inside of the windows in the Gate / recheck booth so that the drivers can read it from the outside if needs be.

UPDATE 24/03/2020 16.49

We continue to keep up frequency of the current timetable and reliability of freight transports during a period of expected economic slowdown caused by the Coronavirus.

To ensure freight transport services on the route Rostock-Trelleborg, we will offer selected departures jointly with TT Line as of 27 March 2020. This joint operation ensures the frequency of departures as per the current timetable with up to three departures per day in each direction. This agreement is planned until preliminary 31 May 2020 with the option to extend.

“We continue to provide high-quality service for our customers in challenging times. This cooperation secures our commitment towards our freight customers in maintaining logistical chains between Sweden and Germany”, says Ron Gerlach, Trade Director Germany of Stena Line.

Below departures will be offered jointly with TT Line:

Trelleborg - Rostock

UPDATE 23/03/2020 13.59

Hook of Holland/Europort - The only unaccompanied freight we ship at the moment are trailers. Unaccompanied lorries, vans or artics are not allowed during the corona crisis.

UPDATE 23/03/2020 11.05

Please kindly note that due to an imminent infection risk of COVID-19 we need to inform you that we are forced to cease the handling of import and export units without drivers on direction Trelleborg – Rostock v.v. until further notice.

From 16.00, 20th of March following applies: Units with out drivers will not be discharged nor loaded. It's not allowed to drop of such a unit in Trelleborg Port from 12.00, the 20th of March.

Specifications of "units without drivers" are:

  • Trucks, with or without trailer
  • Personal cars
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Agricultar machines with cockpit
  • Mobil homes

Exceptions are units that needs to be hooked on to a pulling vehicle. For example caravans and such.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 17.49

On Saturday 14 March we stopped operating the route Oslo-Frederikshavn and today, Thursday 19 March the Stena Line Scandinavia AB board and Stena Line Group Management took the tough but necessary decision to permanently close the route between Oslo and Frederikshavn. This measure in response to the global COVID-19 that has had a substantial effect on Stena Line’s passenger operations.

UPDATE 19/03/2020 11.25

In Germany the route between Trelleborg and Sassnitz is suspended from now until estimated end of May. Stena Line reserves the right to extend the suspension depended on the spread of Covid-19 and official decree. FS Sassnitz is inlay-up in the Port of Mukran.

The four vessels on the Trelleborg-Rostock and Göteborg-Kiel route operating currently in the normal schedule, focusing on freight. Special safety measures apply onboard.

There is no temperature check for the drivers at the moment.

UPDATE 17/03/2020 12.53

We regret to inform you, that because of the risk associated with the Covid-19, we can no longer allow drivers on board of the vessels on the Rotterdam – Killingholme route.

This will only be applicable on Rotterdam – Killingholme route. You can still continue booking your unaccompanied units, such as trailers, Trade Units/cars and Containers.

We will CONTINUE to accept drivers on Rotterdam – Harwich, Hoek van Holland – Harwich and Hoek van Holland – Killingholme routes!

UPDATE 17/03/2020 08.59

Given the current situation and conditions on the North Sea, please be advised that we have decided to implement temperature measurement for freight drivers (accompanied cargo only) as of tomorrow 17th March.

Temperature checks carried out before check-in will focus on freight drivers with extreme coughing and/or fever symptoms

The measured temperature is a deciding factor. If a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius is measured, the driver will not be checked-in to travel with us and we will advise the driver to contact his/her employer.

Furthermore we would like to inform you some of the further actions we have taken on the North Sea, based on the conditions here:

We will be offering a single cabin use, with the exception on double manned units. They will be accommodated in one shared cabin. This is purely due to the current situation and will be evaluated on a week-by-week basis.

We are having a considerably increased cleaning regime both on the ships and in ports.

We have also taken other hygienic steps on board the vessels, which may lead to different ways of servicing food to your drivers.

UPDATE 16/03/2020 16.08

We are all facing an exceptional and very severe situation now; borders have been closed and numbers of other legal initiatives have been taken. As you might have read in the news it has already had an impact on our company, first and foremost our Travel business undergo a crisis never been seen before.

The restrictions do NOT apply to freight drivers and goods transportation. Despite of the situation and the challenges this gives us we are happy to inform you that we will keep the freight business running, which means that we give all our freight customers and your freight drivers top priority and do our outmost to ship all your driver accompanied and/or unaccompanied units.

When it comes to your freight drivers and the precaution measures we take, please visit our website for further information

We would like to point out that we at this stage do not check any drivers’ temperature as well as we do not request any self-certification. However please note that rules and conditions in relation to travelling onboard our vessels may be subject to change and that local variations may apply for certain routes.

We also appeal to all drivers to follow the Governments’ recommendation about how to act in public areas.

Each year we perform 28,000 sailings where we connect Europe and connect people. On each of these sailings, caring for the safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Because of that, the situation with the COVID-19 has our full attention.

In a situation like this we prioritize to collaborate with you to make sure all shipments are carried out and to minimize any negative impact on your business.

Below information includes the actions we have taken to follow the official authority’s regulations and recommendations and to make sure to support freight customers and freight drivers in the best possible way.

Freight Drivers

In an extraordinary situation like this we rely on the manuals and routines we have for this kind of situation. Our crews are trained for many different types of situations, including diseases. In addition to that:

  • We are in touch with local authorities in the 10 countries we are operating in and ensure to follow regulations and recommendations from them and established health organisations.
  • On-board our ships and in our terminals, we are taking precautionary measures to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus including:
  1. Increased the frequency of preventive cleaning and disinfection of “Hand Contact Point Hotspots” such as door handles, access touch pads, telephones. These are sanitized after each sailing and/or at least three times a day on longer crossings.
  2. Increased possibilities for hand wash and disinfection placed in our public areas.
  3. Information on hygienic measures based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines.
  • Stena Line's employees on-board are trained how to deal with suspected cases of illness and our ships are equipped with medical equipment.
  • For any freight driver that has visited/been in quarantine areas or suspect to be COVID-19 carrier we refer to the World Health Organization’s and the local authorities’ regulations and recommendations. Links can be found on
  • Drivers will be accommodated in single cabins as far as circumstances may permit but cannot be guaranteed. Local variations may apply on certain routes.
  • The local authorities’ regulations regarding gathering in larger groups DO NOT currently apply to our ferries.
  • At this stage we are NOT checking any drivers’ temperature as well as we DO NOT request any self-certification.
  • Please note that rules and conditions in relation to travelling onboard our vessels may be subject to change at short notice.

Freight Companies

  • Unless there is a direct travel ban from the official authorities we will keep sailing.
  • Currently, our network is open to all the destinations we cover on our 20 routes.
  • Please note that all schedules may be subject to change at short notice.

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