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Stena Line Update : Safe Cargo Stowage and Securing - Shipping Operators and Carriers

We would like to remind all our customers that Shipping Operators and Carriers (Hauliers) share a legal responsibility to ensure that freight units carried by sea comply fully with all applicable international, national and modal regulations / legislation to guarantee safe carriage throughout each journey. It is imperative that all our customers are fully aware of our shared responsibilities.

Stena Line demands the highest levels of awareness in this responsibility and Ships’ Masters on all our Routes and Services have to consider carefully the approval for shipment of any freight unit that may contravene applicable legislation or regulations. We must ensure there is no compromise to health and safety rules which, importantly, will prevent an accident at sea as a result of an inadequately equipped freight unit being loaded – having always considered the IMO guidelines established in their "Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing".

This IMO Code provides specific requirements which includes (but is not limited to) guidelines regarding the minimum number of lashing point’s freight units should be equipped with; and for unaccompanied trailers, safety provisions necessary for correct trestle positioning during a voyage (position of trestle or similar device, freight unit trestle plates, etc.).

Stena Line’s policy for securing cargo is published in detail, in our "Freight Transport Information Manual" brochure which is available on our website: Safety & Security - Stena Line Freight

The Department for Transport (DfT) have produced a Code of Practice - Safety of Loads on Vehicles - to provide guidance on vehicle loading and securing techniques and promote best practice. This is also published in full on the UK Government website:

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) guidance on the stowage and securing of vehicles, which also incorporates a number of IMO resolutions and circulars (including resolution A.581 - 14) is published within their Marine Guidance Note MGN 621 (M+F) Roll-on / Roll-off Ships: Guidance for the Stowage & Securing of Vehicles.

We are confident all our valued customers will fully support this general safety reminder and thank you for giving this advice your most urgent attention.

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28 September 2023

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