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For drivers, manufacturers, couriers and hauliers looking to transport goods from the UK to Norway by freight ferry, there are 2 options.

  1. Book a freight ferry or Eurotunnel ticket from the UK to a nearby country in Mainland Europe, then a second ferry into Norway
  2. Book a freight ferry ticket directly into Norway

The most popular way to travel to Norway by freight ferry in a van or lorry offers regular sailings and a level of flexibility.

Dover to Calais

While travelling directly from the UK to Norway has its advantages, transporting your goods to France first can be a great option for many businesses, and is exceedingly cost-effective.

First you catch a ferry from Dover to Calais. Dover to Calais with DFDS sails 10+ times a day, takes 90 minutes and is an open ticket so you can turn up and travel on the next available crossing.

Alternatively, instead of Dover to Calais you could also try Dover to Dunkerque or Folkestone to Calais.

Eurotunnel offers the fastest & most convenient crossing for freight transport between the UK and Continental Europe.

And as an Authorised Eurotunnel Freight Distributor, we are perfectly positioned to help you get the best rates on your Eurotunnel tickets.

Denmark to Norway

After transporting your goods from the UK and into France, you can drive your goods to Denmark. From here, there are several routes you can choose which will take your goods directly into Norway, including:

And more.

While the DFDS route can take your goods directly into Norway’s capital city, the Fjord Line Hirtshals to Bergen, a large South-Western city.

Meanwhile, Kristiansand is located between Oslo’s two biggest cities, at around 320km from Oslo and 460km from Bergen. The Color Line Hirtshals to Kristiansand route runs once per day.

Germany to Norway

Alternatively, you may decide to transport your goods into Norway via Germany.

After transporting your goods into Germany from France by road freight, the Color Line Kiehl to Oslo route can take your goods directly into Norway’s capital city.

During the 20 hour crossing, drivers can enjoy complimentary meals and berth in a shared cabin.

Immingham to Brevik

Rather than transporting your goods by two freight ferries (one from the UK into France, and another from Denmark or Germany into Norway), direct ferries can help your business by reducing wear and tear on vehicles and taking your goods straight into Norway from the UK.

The Immingham to Brevik route is operated by DFDS Seaways. Former routes from Newcastle to Stavanger no longer operate. Sailings from Immingham to Brevik go twice a week and take up to 43 hours.

Brevik is around 160km from Oslo (or roughly an hour away) so this route involves the least amount of driving mileage and is ideal for artics, with the opportunity for a rest break on-board, or for unaccompanied trailers.

This ferry can be the most expensive, but on-board facilities are excellent, with drivers enjoying an en-suite and complimentary meals on board.

Immingham to Bergen, Haugesund and Tananger

Sea-Cargo sails to three Norwegian ports - Bergen, Haugesund and Tananger with 5+ crossings per week and crossing times from 34 to 82 hours, depending on the ferry route.

This is currently an unaccompanied freight service only.

To book your UK to Norway freight ferry & tunnel ticket/s, use our bespoke booking tool below. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our expertise by getting in touch with a member of our expert multilingual team.

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