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driver health - making your money go further

Health Series Part 3: Making Your Money Go Further

In a continuation of our Driver Health series, we are back with our 3rd instalment. Part one looked at driver posture, and part 2 offered advice and ideas to avoid driver loneliness, which can creep...

07 November 2016
Freight ferry secure cargo

Secure Your Freight Ferry Cargo This Autumn & Winter UPDATED

UPDATE 28/10/16 Stena Line have issued their latest Lashing Point information sheet for secure and safe stowage. Challenging weather conditions at sea during autumn and winter can cause...

28 October 2016
Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets in Germany (Part 1)

Every year the Christmas markets are welcomed with open arms, by people across all age groups. For many the sight of Christmas markets heralds the beginning of Christmas time. However, the concept of...

27 October 2016
"Fright" link - Happy Halloween

"Fright" Link - 6 Mysterious Ghost Ship Stories

Here at Freightlink, we like ships. We also like Halloween. Put the two together and what do they have in common? Ghost Ships. So for a bit of pre Halloween light reading, we take a look at some...

27 October 2016
Heysham M6 Link Road Bay Gateway Ready

The Bay Gateway, the wait is nearly over!

It’s now just under one week to go until the Heysham M6 Link Road, the 'Bay Gateway', officially opens to traffic on 31 October 2016. It was back in early 2014 when work on the £124 million...

25 October 2016
HGV load theft

11 Ways to Stay Safe & Secure as a HGV Driver

Remember, your safety and security as a HGV driver is very important. Here are eleven ways to make sure you are always safe when on a job, be it on the road or near a ferry port. Plan...

24 October 2016
falling pound

Brexit Update (Part 3) - What does the falling pound mean for freight ferry travel?

The pound has been falling pretty dramatically since the Brexit vote at the end of June. We recently wrote about how about Brexit would affect hauliers and couriers (Part 1, Part 2). There ...

18 October 2016
ferry wide load

Wide, High & Heavy Loads on Ferries - The Facts

The width, height and weight of your freight vehicle is very important when booking a ferry. Not only will it influence which ferry you can board, but also how the ferry is loaded to ensure the ferry...

11 October 2016
transporting horses

Transporting Horses by Freight Ferry

UPDATE P&O Ferries have re-emphasised the importance of secure movement of horses by sea - Welfare guidance notes for horses and ponies. This page is about the process of Application...

07 October 2016


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