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Christmas & New Year Ferry Schedules

Christmas & New Year Ferry Schedules UPDATED

Here are the latest Christmas & New Year ferry operator sailing times for 2016/2017. Scandlines Puttgarden-Rødby Christmas & New Year Sailing Schedule Unity...

14 December 2016
Freightlink Christmas Bake Off 2016

Freightlink Christmas Bake Off 2016

Do you know your Kókuszgolyó from your Linecké pečivo? How about a selection of Vanillekipferl? It's fair to say the Freightlink team really went to town with this year's Christmas...

12 December 2016
Christmas dinner

A Freightlink European Christmas Dinner

We're quite a mixed bunch here at Freightlink with a fantastic team from the UK, Poland, Hungary and many other countries. So, for a bit of fun (and because we like talking about food) we asked the...

06 December 2016
UK HGV Road User Levy UPDATE

UK HGV Road User Levy UPDATE

The latest updates from the DoT in regards to the UK HGV Road User Levy. 95% of foreign HGV drivers that are checked in the UK have paid the levy. This financial year, 5,267,687 levies...

02 December 2016
Grimaldi Super Ferry

Grimaldi Unveils Designs for 5th Gen RoRo Vessels & Ferry Incentives

Since the beginning of 2016 the ferry operator Grimaldi Lines have continually recorded positive profit margins, resulting in an increased awareness that new Freight routes have emerged. In order to...

28 November 2016
Eurotunnel - Safety Instructions for Drivers

Eurotunnel Safety Instructions for Drivers

Safety is Eurotunnel's top priority. It is therefore very important that the following safety rules are respected at all time when driving on the terminals and boarding Freight shuttles:...

25 November 2016
Wightlink new double loading deck

Wightlink Investing £45 Million to Improve Ferry Service

Work has now started on the new Wightlink ship and Portsmouth port improvements with an expected delivery date of Spring 2018. The £45 million project follows on from the introduction of...

24 November 2016
van drivers and owner-driver freight questions

Owner-Driver Payment Questions

Are you an owner-driver? Do you work for yourself as a courier or you have a small business with a few vans? Well, you are not alone. We do business with many similar businesses everyday and receive...

23 November 2016
hgv fuel pumps

Why You Should Shop Around For Fuel in Europe

Whether you're driving your family car locally or hauling a load to Poland via ferry, diesel and petrol prices are constantly fluctuating. It is also not helped by the weak pound and issues with...

22 November 2016


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