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love ireland

10 Reasons Why You Should Love… Ireland

As (some) of the UK watches a bunch of scantily clad 20-year-olds frolicking round a Majorcan villa declaring their love for one another, we at Freightlink are obsessed with another love...

16 July 2019
P&O Ferries Logo

P&O Ferries Update: Low Sulphur Update on Irish Sea Routes

P&O Ferries has released a statement;  As you may be aware a new environmentally friendly directive means that ferry operators must meet more stringent limits for Sulphur emissions for...

09 July 2019
M6 Toll

New Pricing Structure for the M6 Toll Announced

The M6 Toll moves long-distance traffic off the heavily congested M6 through Birmingham. It currently sees over 50,000 customers every day. That's 18.2 million users a year! At...

09 July 2019
Brittany Ferries Salamanca

Brittany Ferries Names New Ships

Brittany Ferries has confirmed the names to be used for their new ships. Kerry will be the name for the one-year charter vessel, which will be operating on the Cork to Santander route from November...

08 July 2019
DFDS logo

DFDS Update : Hazardous Goods - Common Issues & Possible Solutions

Important Information Some provisions and exemptions of the ADR code are different in comparison to the IMDG code. Some key examples of this are: requirements for flashpoints, declaring...

04 July 2019
toll road

Road Tolls & Charges in Europe – Things You Need to Know

Whilst road tolls were originally devised to cover the cost of the road’s construction, the majority of toll contributions are now spent on making road usage more environmentally sustainable. When...

04 July 2019
Eurotunnel Freight children

Eurotunnel Freight Update - Important Safety Reminder Regarding Children

With the approach of the summer holidays, we would like to remind you that for safety reasons only children aged 12 years and over are authorised to travel on our Freight Shuttles. When drivers...

02 July 2019
Wind Turbine Field

Britain Set to Use More Zero-Carbon Electricity than Fossil Fuels This Year

With climate change currently very relevant in the maritime industry, we thought we would shine a light on Britain's zero-carbon electricity usage. This year for the first time, according to...

02 July 2019

FreightPINK Race For Life Team Raise Over £1000 for Cancer Research UK

Over Father’s Day weekend, whilst everyone else was running around gathering last minute cards and fighting over the last pair of ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ socks in Sainsburys, the team at Freightlink...

27 June 2019


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