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Business Owners - 11 Ways to Prevent Fake Credit Applications

At Freightlink, we are very aware of the threat of credit application fraud and the problems it can cause. Likewise, we realise that it is very important to our business owning customers that it can...

17 October 2019
Grimaldi Ferries

Grimaldi Group to Adhere to SAILS Charter

Grimaldi Group has confirmed its willingness to contribute to the protection and enhancement of the marine environment by adhering to the "SAILS" (Sustainable Actions for Innovative and Low-impact...

15 October 2019
CLdN latest vessels

CLdN Cobelfret Update : Phase 2 New Ferry Programme Complete - Phase 3 Begins

CLdN is poised to welcome the arrival of the fourth 5400 lane meter vessel of the series, the MV Hermine, into the fleet ending her maiden voyage in Zeebrugge on the 4th October 2019. This being the...

09 October 2019
Finnlines logo

Finnlines Update: Automatic Trestle System in Hanko-Rostock Traffic

Finnlines has released the following statement;  The investments in safe and reliable services focusing on cargo operations and handling continues. To make stevedoring safer and easier,...

09 October 2019
ferry wide load

Abnormal Loads on Ferries - The Facts

The width, height and weight of your freight vehicle are very important when booking a ferry. Vehicles that exceed the norm are classed as abnormal loads. Not only will it influence which ferry...

09 October 2019
Eurotunnel Freight Logo

Eurotunnel Freight Update: Maintenance Works 06/10/19 23.00 CET

Eurotunnel Freight has released the following statement;  Please note that we will be carrying out exceptional maintenance works in the tunnel overnight on 06/10/2019 as of 23h00 CET....

04 October 2019
Freightlink PAY

Freightlink PAY Service Now Available for Easy Payment

Our Freightlink PAY service is now available for new and existing customers (in 10 different languages) who wish to make bookings with our customer service team.  The new service allows first...

04 October 2019
Stena Line logo

Stena Line Update - Sulphur 2020

From 1 January 2020 the limit for Sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships operation outside designated emission control areas will be reduced to 0.5% against the current 3.5%. The new regulation will...

04 October 2019
Holyhead breakwater

Stena Line Plans to Save Holyhead Port Breakwater

Plans to save the port of Holyhead from breakwater breach have been submitted after reports that erosion was risking its future. The Grade-II listed Holyhead port has been facing the risk of...

02 October 2019


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