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Driver Essentials for Hot Weather

British summertime has always been treated as folklore, a running joke among many. Most of us will remember the crushing disappointment of rainclouds keeping the ice-cream van at bay, reducing us to...

23 July 2021
EU-GB GMR reference

GMR Reference Required for EU-GB North Sea Transit Movements UPDATED

All transit movements between the EU and GB on the North Sea now require a GMR reference from GVMS. This reference MUST be provided before you board your ferry. DFDS From1st June...

22 July 2021
Eurotunnel Freight logo

Eurotunnel Freight Update - New Dedicated Lanes for Eurotunnel Border Pass

We are committed to provide the best quality of service for our customers; so in order to keep a smooth flow of traffic at our French Pit Stop, we are pleased to inform you that we are...

21 July 2021
Stena Line logo

Stena Line Update - Health Certificate Mandatory to Enter the Netherlands From 22/07/2021

As from 22-07-2021, Freight drivers returning from the UK to The Netherlands, are obliged to fill out a form declaring their health status either digitally (show at check in) or paper (to be filled...

21 July 2021
Stena Line logo

Stena Line Update : Congestion at Ports - IRISH SEA (20/07/2021)

Owing to an unprecedented level of congestion at our terminals, please can we request that all shipments are collected as soon as possible from the destination port. As it stands all shipped traffic...

20 July 2021
Eurotunnel Freight logo

Eurotunnel Freight Update - Face Coverings Remaining in Place

Following the end of the legal requirement to wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces in England from 19 July, we inform you that the regulation to wear a face covering remains in place...

19 July 2021
Cap Finistere

Brittany Ferries Update - Cap Finistère Returns : Freight-Friendly Services to Spain

On Monday 19th July Brittany Ferries’ ro-pax ferry Cap Finistère returns to service on the company’s Portsmouth to Bilbao route. The restart follows an extended six-month break in the ship’...

16 July 2021
DFDS logo

DFDS Update - Requirements for Pre-Notification Norway ⇄ United Kingdom

For the sake of good order we want to update you again informing you about the requirement from Norwegian Customs Authorities that a electronic pre-notification for goods that are transported...

16 July 2021
TT-Line Green Ship 2

TT-Line Update : Celebration of Successful Launch of Second Green Ship

In 2018 TT-Line placed the order for the construction of a new Green Ship ferry, which will be delivered in 2022 and as the new "Nils Holgersson" in the TT Line service is used on the Baltic Sea....

15 July 2021


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