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Eurotunnel Freight Update - Arriving in France with an orange customs status

As part of our ongoing initiatives to provide your drivers with important information about their journeys, we upgraded our Club Car screens with a "green" or "orange" Customs Status ...

19 July 2023
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P&O Ferries Update - Hull ⇌ Europoort: Neutral Trailer Cut Off

We wish to advise as of Monday 17th July there will be a new cut-off implemented for Neutral Unaccompanied Trailers on our Hull ⇌ Europoort service, applicable to both exit...

14 July 2023
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DFDS Update - Emissions Trading System to cover shipping emissions from 2024

Following-up on our previous communication, in the beginning of 2024, companies operating vessels between ports in the EU/EEA will have to pay annual emissions allowances under the EU Emissions...

07 July 2023
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Eurotunnel Freight Update - helping you with update on surcharge during this summer

We are aware that energy prices which remain high, ultimately triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, are a heavy burden for all of us. As your partner we would like to comment on a question that is...

06 July 2023
Customs Documents

What customs documents do you actually need?

In an increasingly busy industry, customs is something we would all rather ignore. But from shipments being stuck at ports to huge financial losses, the consequences of not fulfilling your customs...

05 July 2023
NEW Carbon tax for ferries

EU ferry costs to rise in 2024 with new ‘carbon tax’

According to the UK Gov, 95% of all goods in the UK arrive by ship.  With ferry costs set to increase, this will add significant pressure to supply chain margins in 2024 and beyond. Coming...

29 June 2023
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DFDS Update : Guidance for Tilbury ⇄ Calais dedicated unaccompanied service

As previously announced, we were pleased to confirm that the Tilbury ⇄ Calais service will commence on 28th June 2023, with the first departure being Calais – Tilbury 22:...

26 June 2023
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DFDS Sheerness ⇄ Calais Route to be Replaced with Tilbury ⇄ Calais UPDATED

UPDATE 22/06/2023 Following our announcement of our new route on Friday, we are pleased to confirm that we will commence with our dedicated unaccompanied service on 28th June 2023, with...

22 June 2023
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P&O Ferries Update - Hull: A63 Bridge Closure

We wish to advise that Myton Bridge on the A63 leading in/out of Hull will be closed for repairs from 1900hrs Friday to 0500hrs Monday on weekends, and closed from 2000hrs to 0600hrs midweek, please...

22 June 2023


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