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DFDS Seaways (Baltic Sea)

DFDS Seaways (Baltic Sea) Ferry Routes

9 crossings per week
4 hour crossing
1 crossing per day
20 hour crossing
1 crossing per day
20 hour crossing
9 crossings per week
3 hour crossing

Freight ferry tickets for vans, rigids, arctic or road trains with DFDS in the Baltic Sea.

On the Baltic Sea DFDS operate a number of ferry routes connecting Denmark and Germany to Lithuania and Russia.

The Karlshamn Klaipeda route is a popular route for getting a ferry between Sweden and Lithuania with Kiel Klaipeda providing a regular ferry crossing from Germany to Lithuania.

A DFDS ferry across the Baltic Sea into Lithuania gives good access to all the Baltic States including Latvia and Estonia and beyond into Russia.

For further information on DFDS Seaways or DFDS freight ferry services from Klaipeda please contact our Customer Service Team on +44(0)844 847 9000.

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DFDS Seaways (Baltic Sea) Ports