P&O Ferries and Seatruck ferry at Dublin port

Boatloads of Changes at Dublin Port

As of the 23rd of January 2023, P&O Ferries will move to Terminal 5 and Seatruck Ferries will move to Terminal 4 at Dublin Port.

Why are these changes taking place, and what do they mean for businesses transporting their goods through Dublin Port?

Let’s find out.

What changes should I be aware of?

During this move, P&O Ferries will move from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5, where it will replace Seatruck on the eastern side of the port.

Please note: the Terminal 3 entrance along East Wall Road and opposite the 3Arena will be closed to HGVs as of the 23rd of January 2023.

While P&O replaces Seatruck at Terminal 5, Seatruck will relocate to the new Terminal 4 on the western side of the port.

Terminal 4 can be accessed via the new Tolka Quay Road check-in facilities. HGV traffic should access the port through Promenade Road and then head to Terminal 4 over the new Red Bridge on Alexandria Road.

These changes come as part of Dublin Port’s wider projects - the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment (ABR) Project and MP2 Project - both of which will increase port capacity as per the DPC Masterplan 2040.

By moving the P&O and Seatruck terminal locations, work on the ABR Project can progress further.

How will the transition take place?

To make sure all port users are supported through this transition period, digital signs will temporarily be displayed on key routes in the port estate. Meanwhile, DPC team members will be available to assist drivers during this time.

According to their official statement:

“DPC acknowledges the ongoing support of both P&O Ferries and Seatruck in preparation for the move on January 23rd and is committed to working with both terminal operators to ensure a smooth transition for their customers and all port users.”

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