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DFDS & P&O Ferries Update - Dover Harbour Board Ferry Tariff

Both DFDS and P&O Ferries have released statements regarding the increase in fees imposed by the Dover Harbour Board at the Port of Dover and how this will affect your ferry bookings. Please note, both Freightlink and the ferry operators have NO control over this fee increase.

It is with sincere disappointment I hereby inform you that DFDS has received a letter from the Dover Harbour Board in relation to a Ferry Tariff Review, which applies to all ferry services operating within the port of Dover.

Naturally, DFDS have contested this in the strongest possible terms and despite our best efforts it has been communicated by Dover Harbour Board that, and I quote:

“the Board determined that the wharfage charges in its ferry tariff should in respect of road haulage be increased by £5 per shipment with effect from Sunday 19 July 2020” (€6.00 per shipment for euro paying customers).

It is of paramount importance for me to point out that this increase in charges is in no way levied by or beneficial to DFDS, it is purely a ferry tariff increase directly from Dover Harbour Board. However, as your supplier we have been requested to collect this additional charge on behalf of Dover Harbour Board with effect from the 19th of July 2020, which will show on your invoice as ‘Dover Harbour Board Charge’ and will be applicable to all unit types.

I truly take no pleasure whatsoever in being the bearer of such unwelcome news and would like to assure you that we did all we could (on your behalf) to contest this increase!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding, continued support and loyalty, whilst reminding you that your dedicated commercial contact remains available if you require any further clarification on the above.

Wayne Bullen, DFDS

We sincerely hope you are keeping safe and well during these challenging COVID-19 times. Our focus over the last three months has been on maintaining a safe and consistent level of service on all our eight freight routes, and serving your essential supply chains to and from the UK and Ireland to be best standard possible.

We have introduced numerous measures to improve the freight driver journey with increased fresh air, proper social distancing and excellent meal options, and cabin options where applicable, in the name of safe and comfortable crossings with P&O Ferries. In response, we are pleased to advise that we have recently recorded an NPS score of 75 from our ongoing freight driver surveys, which is a great feedback for us and all of the crew helping us to achieve this.

COVID-19 has, however, resulted in reduced volumes on all our routes, and therefore Dover Harbour Board have served all shipping companies a notice of a £5 increase in our wharfage charges across all freight unit types. This increased charge applies to trucks, unaccompanied trailers or vans as from 19 July 2020 (ref the letter from Dover Harbour Board). This applies to all import and export freight traffic traveling through the Port of Dover. In accordance with clause 3.2 of our standard terms and conditions, we have little choice but to pass on this additional £5 (or €6) charge to our customers as from the same date. For full transparency we will establish a separate line item on our invoices, and identify this additional charge as “Dover Port Additional” for all crossings Calais – Dover and Dover – Calais as from 19 July 2020.

We sincerely regret this cost increase, especially during this time, but we assure you it is something totally beyond our control.

We will otherwise continue to serve your supply chains on the English Channel as usual, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation in 2020.

Henrik Pedersen, P&O Ferries

23 June 2020

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