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DFDS Update - Changes at Kapellskär Port from 01/11/2021

Hereby we would like to inform about an important upcoming change at Kapellskär terminal.

As of November 1st 2021, an automatic vehicle registration number recognition system will be introduced at the Kapellskär terminal. This means that access to the check-in area is granted on the basis of the vehicle registration number provided in the reservation.

If the vehicle registration number is correct, the gate will open automatically. If the data of the vehicle in the reservation is incomplete or has changed, it is possible to enter the area based on reservation number (reservation number needs to be entered manually while at the gate). It is important to know that the area can only be accessed for the specific departure: morning departures from 03.00 at night and evening departures from 12.00 at noon.

We recommend all, who arrive to the port earlier, to park the car in the 12-hour parking lot nearby and come to DFDS check-in office on foot to perform necessary paperwork.

In connection with the above, please review the Kapellskär-Paldiski bookings for departures as of 01.11.2021 and, if necessary, enter/change the vehicle registration numbers.


27 October 2021

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