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Freight ferries to/from Durres port

As the largest port in Albania, the port of Durres has something for everyone. From its world-class shipping facilities to its excellent links across the Strait of Otranto, it is no surprise that more than 4 million tonnes of cargo pass through the port each year.

Here’s what you need to know about the port of Durres and how to book your tickets.

The port of Durres

Just 33km west of Durres’ capital city, Tirana, the port of Durres is an essential point of trade with strong links to Italy.

Roughly 90% of all seafreight entering or leaving Albania will pass through the port of Durres, making it an integral facilitator for Albanian trade, a role taken seriously by the Port Authority.

Also prioritised by the Port Authority is sustainability. As stated on their official website:

“A whole range of technical-nautical services are available at Durres Port… ensuring quick and safe shipping while promoting nature conservation and economic development.”

How to book your ferry

Whether you’re transporting abnormal loads or an empty van, choosing the right booking agent for your business will allow you to save money and help you transport your goods smoothly.

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When you get in touch with us, our experts will be able to advise you about the best route, operator and sailing for your needs. We can even give customs advice.

Have you tried our Durres ⇄ Bari route?

At Freightlink, we’ve got 1000s of routes.

But for those wanting to cost-effectively transport their goods between Southern Italy and Eastern Europe, there is one route in particular that might ‘float your boat’.

Connecting Italy to Albania, the 10+ hour crossing is operated by Ventouris Ferries, the only freight ferry operator dedicated to helping businesses transport between Durres, Albania and Bari, Italy.

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