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Isle of Man Steam Packet Update - Cabin Availability on Ben My Chree

With the necessity for crew to live on-board due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic, we have a lesser amount of cabins to offer passengers and Freight drivers.

As usual, we will do our best to accommodate freight drivers with a berth, however, there may be instances where this may not be possible.

The pandemic has meant that freight drivers are less likely to want to share a cabin for obvious reasons and as mentioned we will do our best to accommodate drivers, but there will be instances where cabins will not be available for all drivers.

With this in mind, should there be an instance where cabins are not available, we will ensure that Freight drivers are given seating in our Premium lounge.

The offer of a berth has always been subject to availability, however it has never been an issue previously until recent circumstances has reduced availability. Lately drivers have had to take seating in the Premium lounge.

Apologies if you happen to experience a lack of availability going forward.

Hopefully Covid restrictions will relax soon and that we can revert back to normal cabin availability.

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06 July 2021

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