John's Positive Farewell and Kevin's New Account - Customer Experience

We know that booking a freight ferry isn't always simple. We don't want you to feel like the process is long, drawn-out and difficult, which is why we prioritise customer service. Here are a few experiences that our customers have recently had with us.

John’s Farewell

John was a loyal customer of Freightlink for years and has enjoyed using our services to allow him to conduct trade between the UK and the EU. Unfortunately, due to all of the customs pressures that are now necessary for trade, John is unable to continue to trade goods with the EU.

However, John took the time to write a five star review for Freightlink and noted that whilst he is no longer able to use the booking services that we provide, he would recommend Freightlink to anybody who does conduct trade with the EU and beyond.

“I would highly recommend Freightlink Solutions for any company who works within the EU and beyond.”

Nikolay’s First Booking

Nikolay was using Freightlink for the first time and was extremely impressed with the high level of service that he received. Initially Nikolay was unsure about whether they would be able to get a space on the ferry, but our customer service team called Nikolay every couple of hours to ensure that they were well-informed of the available capacity on the boat.

Nikolay was also provided with a second option which was planned and prepared in the eventuality that the first ferry didn’t have any available spaces remaining. Fortunately, Nikolay was able to catch the initial ferry but felt comfortable in the knowledge that everything was already prepared if this was not the case.

Nikolay commended Freightlink and the team for their help and noted that they would definitely use our services the next time they were in need of a freight ferry.

“I was amazed at the quality of the customer service.”

Kevin’s New Account

Kevin decided to open an account with Freightlink, giving him access to multiple benefits including; live updates on his ferries from his dashboard, free amendments on any of his bookings and the ability to purchase flexi tickets. Kevin was extremely impressed with the level of customer service he received when creating his account. Firstly Kevin called our team, who immediately sent him an email containing all of the information that he needed to create his account. He was delighted to have his account up and running in minutes and was incredibly happy when he found his account dashboard, noting how simple it is to navigate.

“Easy to use, clear straightforward dashboard.”

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15 September 2021

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