Stena Line Dublin Liverpool ferry route map

NEW ROUTE - Stena Line's Dublin ⇄ Liverpool Birkenhead service

There's a new ferry route in town.

From February 15th 2024, Stena Line's new Dublin ⇄ Liverpool Birkenhead ferry route will take the Irish Sea by storm.

Dublin ⇄ Liverpool Birkenhead

According to Stena Line’s official statement, the new service will establish "key logistics hubs connecting freight flows across the Irish Sea and creating efficiencies for port users."

According to IRN Ferry statistics, in 2023, one quarter of all Irish Sea sailings arrived at or departed from Dublin Port. As Ireland's largest freight port, Dublin has a wide range of facilities to support traders.

Similarly, Liverpool Birkenhead is a vital cornerstone of freight transport in the North West of England, with a full range of depot services for specialised equipment.

What makes it so great?

  1. You can save time

Less driving miles makes the Liverpool Birkenhead ⇄ Dublin service an attractive alternative to Dublin ⇄ Holyhead and Dublin ⇄ Heysham, especially for transport between England and the Republic of Ireland.

  1. Well-deserved rest for drivers

Stena Line's new freight route is perfect for trailers and driver accompanied shipments, with drivers getting plenty of rest on the crossing and saving additional miles driving to/from Holyhead.

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19 February 2024

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