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Seatruck Update - GB-NI GVMS issues (07/01/2022) UPDATED

UPDATE 07/01/2022

HMRC has advised Seatruck that the recent GVMS S&S issue (for GB-NI loads) is resolved.

From immediate effect, you can enter the S&S MRN when creating your GMR for our Heysham to Warrenpoint service. 22XI numbers will no longer be rejected.

HMRC has accepted there are still problems with GVMS for GB-NI loads (other routes do not appear to be affected).

The current advice is as follows:

"It is a legal requirement to submit ENS declarations into ICS NI. In order to use GVMS, one reference number should be entered in GVMS. However, GVMS will allow for the GMR to be finalised without a S&S reference number. This is a temporary approach to accommodate for circumstances where S&S reference numbers might not be available and to support traders who might not yet be ready to enter those in GVMS. We can confirm therefore that traders will be able to temporarily move through GVMS ports without needing to input S&S reference numbers into GVMS."

We will update you as soon as we have more information, but for now, please continue creating your Heysham - Warrenpoint GMR's WITHOUT the Safety & Security MRN - these bookings will validate, check-in and ship as normal.

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