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Stena Line Update - Drivers are our guests please ask them to collaborate

We would like you to remind your drivers when they are on our terminals and vessels about the following rules and guidelines:

  • Turn off their truck cabin heaters, possible fire hazard on the vessel
  • Not to smoke in vessel cabins and not to cover the smoke detectors, possible fire hazard on the vessel
  • Always be sober when they want to enter the terminal and/or driving on/off the vessel to prevent life threatening accidents on terminal and vessels
  • Always wear a high visibility vest to prevent life threatening accidents in terminal and on vessels
  • Never use violence while in the terminals or on vessels. When drivers need assistance solving an issue, please contact the local terminal management or crew on board

We see more and more unacceptable usage of alcohol by drivers when entering terminals and driving onto the vessels. This needs to stop!

We do our utmost to treat your drivers as guests, but please ensure that you drivers collaborate with us to ensure a smooth crossing of your drivers and cargo!

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20 December 2022

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