Stena Update : Fourth Vessel Added to Gdynia - Karlskrona Route

In response to a continuous growth of freight traffic on Gdynia-Karlskrona route, Stena Line are pleased to inform that a fourth vessel, M/S Gute, has been added to the route.

The M/S Gute has a freight capacity of 865 lane metres and will secure additional space for freight customers. With the new ship Stena Line will increase the weekly frequency on the route to 44 crossings. Average crossing time of Gute will be 14 hours, allowing full daily rest time for drivers. A new timetable for 4 vessels on Gdynia-Karlskrona route shows 8 additional departures weekly: 4 trips from Karlskrona and 4 from Gdynia. Those will be mostly night cruises at 23:30, making the departures fit well in the timetable. Gute will also offer new, Monday morning 07:00 trip from Gdynia and Friday morning 08:00 trip from Karlskrona.

On the 28th of August the sailing schedule of Stena Baltica will be revised to meet our customers’ needs. Night departures of Stena Baltica from Gdynia on Monday and Tuesday will be moved to 18:00, with early morning arrival in Karlskrona at 04:30. Additionally, Saturday’s departures at 13:00 will be moved to 18:00 as well. We hope that early morning arrivals of Stena Baltica in Karlskrona (at 04:30) will help you to use the weekly drivers’ working time better and reach unloading places in Sweden, Norway or Denmark earlier. This will also allow for deliveries in Stockholm area next day at midday.

M/V Gute
Crossing time: 14 hours
Length: 138 m
Width: 16 m
Freight capacity: 865 lane metres

Stena Line Karlskrona - Gdynia Timetable

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29 August 2017

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