TT-Line Green Ship 2

TT-Line Update : Celebration of Successful Launch of Second Green Ship

In 2018 TT-Line placed the order for the construction of a new Green Ship ferry, which will be delivered in 2022 and as the new "Nils Holgersson" in the TT Line service is used on the Baltic Sea. Since then it has been watched with excitement how the latest generation of ships is growing.

With the launch of the second Green Ship yesterday, TT-Line reached another important milestone in its new LNG building project. When the ship is launched, which today is more about the floating of the ship, the dry dock is flooded until the ship floats up. It is then led out of the dock by tugs and hauled to the equipment quay. From now on the interior of the second modern passenger ship follows.

TT-Line is the first shipping company in the southern Baltic to use LNG for its two new Green Ships, making it a pioneer. LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas, which is currently considered the cleanest marine fuel. The significant emission reductions of the new TT-Line Green Ships enable annual savings of 93% fine dust, 98% sulfur oxides and 82% nitrogen oxides compared to MGO (Marine Gas Oil) and thus ensure clean air at sea and especially in the port regions.

It is not just the use of LNG that makes the new Green Ships the most environmentally friendly ships in the company's history. The general efficiency of ship operations in combination with the increased capacity for freight and passengers enables an even greater improvement in CO2 emissions by up to 60% per transported unit.

"We are proud that we are setting the new standard for reducing emissions in the ferry industry with our Green Ships," explains TT-Line's managing director Bernhard Termühlen.

TT-Line takes its responsibility to protect nature and the environment very seriously and can look back on a long tradition. For years, innovative solutions for environmentally friendly ship operation have been introduced at TT-Line. With the construction of the two new Green Ships, TT-Line is making brave progress, investing in a sustainable future.


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15 July 2021

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