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What Are Britain's Tachograph Monitoring Technology Trials?

The DVSA have recently announced that they are trialling remote tachograph sensing equipment in Britain, with the goal of detecting drivers and operators, who break driver’s hours rules, more easily.

So, what even is tachograph monitoring technology, and what are these trials about?

Let’s find out.

What is remote tachograph monitoring, really?

Simply put, this technology will enable the DVSA to monitor a driver’s tachograph, and identify any tachograph violations, remotely - whether they are driving alongside the moving vehicle or are simply on the side of the road.

As stated in the DVSA’s official announcement:

“While we know most operators follow drivers’ hours rules, we are still finding offences at the roadside. Breaking drivers’ hours rules has the potential to be dangerous to road users.”

Britain has now become the fifth European country to trial this technology, following Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

What do these trials actually mean?

If the trial yields a positive result for the DVSA and correctly identifies tachograph violations from a remote location, then this will encourage the usage of tachograph monitoring technology across Britain. At the very least, it will encourage further trials.

There is no way of knowing how successful these trials will be. For now, we will just have to wait.

But in the meantime, here is the DVSA’s official advice:

“If you are a driver, make sure you:

  • understand your responsibilities as a driver
  • check your tachograph is working properly before you set off
  • take adequate rest
  • correctly record your driving time and rest on your tachograph

If you are a HGV, PSV or LGV operator who has to follow drivers’ hours rules, make sure you:

  • understand your responsibilities as an operator
  • maintain tachograph equipment
  • know how to adequately schedule driver’s activities
  • regularly check your driver's compliance
  • listen and respond to any drivers’ hours concerns raised by your drivers”

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17 August 2022

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