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Customer Service Week- Positive Experiences

This week is National Customer Service Week and we want to celebrate by sharing some of our customers experiences. We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently deliver and maintain a high level of customer service, so we thought we'd take a look at some of our reviews.

We get lots of great reviews from our lovely customers and find that they often give us a deeper insight into what our customers need and how we are able to help them.

Many customers offer a peak into the inner workings of their businesses through their reviews and tell us about how our service allows them to continue to focus on what matters.

Ian is one such customer...

Ian’s Story

Ian’s business is a busy one! He works within a fast-paced environment and has to quickly adapt to changing circumstances whilst still working to meet tight deadlines.

This high-pressure environment means that Ian often has to often change his booking plans, which could potentially cost him quite a lot of money. He uses Freightlink’s service to make bookings with multiple operators for flexibility.

Ordinarily, this would prove to be quite difficult and could even cost Ian's business. However, we offer free amendments to bookings, a service which Ian has found to be invaluable. It also means that changes that affect multiple operators also happen within one place, through one contact, allowing Ian to spend less time working out logistics.

Ian also benefits greatly from our customer service team, who call Ian if there are any issues. We can reroute his bookings so that he doesn’t have to deal with any problems caused by delays.

Freightlink allows Ian to focus on what is important to him. He knows that he is in safe hands with Freightlink and doesn’t need to figure out the logistics of his bookings alone.

"I cant praise this company highly enough. First class service. Thank you."

Ian isn’t the only customer who has found that Freightlink are able to save them valuable time. Brendan also benefitted greatly from having his time saved.

Brendan’s Story

Brendan needed to make a freight ferry booking and decided to shop around looking for a good deal. He tried to make direct bookings with the ferry operators but found that he struggled to get through their booking processes.

After spending ninety minutes looking through various sites Brendan decided to visit He found the process to be much simpler and was able to complete his booking in six minutes! Considering the time he had spent looking to make a booking, he was extremely pleased about how simple the process was and glad to find a solution that saved him time.

"I admit that Freightlink was not my first click. I tried the direct connections and could not get a finalised deal anywhere. The waste of 90 minutes was an education when I clicked on Freightlink. The booking was done in 6 minutes full stop."

We know how important your time is. We don’t want the booking process to be difficult or time consuming and so we are continually looking for new ways to help make it easier for you. Our friendly team are always on hand to help you and will notify you if there are any changes to your booking so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Freightlink are here to help you.

06 October 2020

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